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CLEANHILL Bio R&D Center Opens

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CLEANHILL Co., Ltd. is located in the Industrial-Academic Cooperation Hall of Hyupseong University on July 1, 2022

We opened the Bio R&D Center.

The Bio R&D Center, which opened this time, combines natural materials with microbiome materials

Through the development of new bio-materials, not only health functional foods but also eco-friendly household goods,

Not only does it contribute to the health of consumers by applying it to cosmetics raw materials, but also bio raw materials

The purpose is to apply it to various industrial groups used.

Dr. Kim Eun-ah, who has extensive experience in developing natural materials, is invited to R&D

He/she was invited as the head of the center to carry out his/her own research and development as well as industry-academic cooperation projects

It is inducing early stabilization of the business.

CLEANHILL Co., Ltd. is currently in charge of eco-friendly household goods at Sihwa Industrial Complex in Gyeonggi-do

We operate factories and research institutes that manufacture eco-friendly cleansing cosmetics.

Combining bio-R&D materials and excellent product development capabilities in the future,

I want to become an export company as well as Korea. 


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