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BEREUM  announced on the 11th that it has signed a strategic alliance agreement (MOU)

 with  CLEANHILL to expand mutual business synergy.

Accordingly, the two sides will work together to develop new eco-friendly household 

goods using Postbiotics & Parabiotics, BEREUM's representative product.

BEREUM specializes in producing postbiotics (4th generation) and 

parabiotics (5th generation), which are drawing attention in the wake of the pandemic era.

"Compared to probiotics that have many restrictions on ingestion and commercialization, 

only lactobacillus and metabolites are collected," a company official said

Postbiotics are highly utilized by overcoming various disadvantages of probiotics

 and strengthening only the benefits, he said. "Not only beverages and food,

He explained that safe injection into various household goods such as soap

 and detergents is also possible because it is Post & Parabiotics.

Under the agreement, BEREUM will collaborate with  CLEANHILL in the future to include

clean products that touch human skin, kitchen detergents 

and appliances that come in contac t with food,

Applying the human microbiome principle, which means microbial ecosystem,
to detergents and household goods that are used every day,

It will introduce new and healthy products.

It has a microbiome effect that balances the microbiome of the skin environment

The anti-inflammatory antibacterial ingredients of EF-2001 lactic acid bacteria, 

which have been identified by various data, prevent harmful bacteria and make it unique to the product

The company emphasized that it plans to strengthen only its net function.

Meanwhile, with the change of mission this year, BEREUM, who is taking 

a leap forward with the new Berem CI and slogan "Grow your Life!"

It plans to focus on R&D, which is its original strength, and production of 

ultra-high-concentration high-quality lactobacillus products.

Based on this, the postbiotics estimation forum will be held in the second half to

 further grow into a microbiome company.




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