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Business introduction
Business OEM / ODM type

OEM / ODM type

Let me introduce the product type

Household goods subject to safety confirmation

1 It's a household item that I use it every day

2 laundry detergent/fabric softener/sterilizer/deodorizer/detergent

3 Pre-Self-inspection (2 to 2.5 months)

Sanitary supplies(kitchen detergents)

1 Products that clean fruits, vegetables, and tableware

2 1–2 types of kitchen detergent / dishwasher detergent

3 Test report preparation / item manufacturing report / production performance report (manufacturer)

Cosmetics (Cleaning)

1 Beauty and clean products that touch the human body directly

2 Hand wash / Beauty Soap / Bubble Bath / Shampoo

3 Raw material list report/production performance report (customer company)

Industrial products

1 laundry soap

Production Product Type

1 liquidate/discharging/discharging/discharging